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My daughter is 7 months she love it. She always be calm by the song and the owl. Everytime she see the owl, she smile and greet.

Other apps for all the super simple learnings songs!!!

This is a great app! A little expensive. I wish there was an app with all the super simple learnings songs! My daughter loves all of them.


Great app! My 18 month old lives it.

Wonderful app

My 1-year-old loves this app! It has wonderful graphics and he loves the twinkle twinkle song. Its so relaxing to watch - its the perfect before nap story.

This app is wonderful. A+

Great Job!!!

1 year old loves this.

My little one loves the star and owl more than he loves me.

twinkle twinkle little star

Really fun and educational,its so cool says my little girl.

Not worth

Too expensive for only one video! Very disappointing!

Great app!

My 4 month son loves it!

No child voice

I heard all the rave reviews of this app, but disappointed with the lack of childs voice (with the option there). It is more expensive than other kids apps.

Want money back

There is no sound at all. I want my money back.

Love this app - great for bedtime story

Love this app! Its one of our familys favorites!

Great app!

My 7month old baby girl loves this app so much! She watch it over and over specially during bed time. I just wish theres a continuous button for the video so i wont keep on pressing all over again. Overall this app is great and it makes my daughter happy :)

Love it:)

My daughter adores this! I wish Snowflake was with it :(

Great learning activity

My daughter grew up playing the video then we got the book. Our minds were blown. She loves every moment of it and will not let it go. Best purchase ever and she makes the wooo sound for the Owl. Priceless. Must have for any growing child.


My 18 mo daughter loves this! I wish SuperSimpleLearning had more if their fun and wonderful songs available as apps. Beautifully done!

Good but a little pricey for what it is

My two kids like watching the video a lot and even recognize owls and stars now but other then that they dont care for much else would give it five stars if one it was .99 cents or two they added a lot more features

Perfect bed time story

My son lives all the super simple songs. This interactive book is going to be great before bed


My son absolutely loves this video. He smiles from ear to ear when he watches the baby owl and star interact.

Thats it???

Nice job with the video and the one and only song. $2.99, not worth it. I wish Apple had a refund policy. I only wish your other videos were included in this app.

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